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Every morning, I would stand close to the mirror, examining my upper lip with the concentration of an archaeologist searching for strands of hair. As a teenage boy, the transition into man was to be preceded by one’s voice breaking and, more importantly, the arrival of facial hair. And, when eventually came, there was still disappointment … peach fuzz on the upper lip, a couple of strands of hair on the chin right through to my 20s.

Being born in the early 70s, I grew up around beards. My father sported an epic full beard. Isaac Hayes, Barry White, Marvin Gaye, Gil Scott-Heron, Teddy Pendergrass … all sported beards I envied. I could grow a great goatee (at some stage, I used to braid mine) and moustache but a full beard seemed a step too far. Until, one day, around my 40th birthday, I decided to go through the pain of growing a full beard, which meant looking scruffy for over a year.

Then I discovered how much work it is to actually maintain one … oils, soap, brushes and combs and trimming. Scissors work, sometimes. Shaving blades, rarely, especially if you have a heavy hand, like I do.


Philips has launched the OneBlade designed to help you trim, edge and shave. I was MC for the launch at Rockets Man. At the launch I explored the world of male grooming, which has evolved over the last decade, especially on the African continent, in conversation with Mike McKechnie, Senior Director and Market Lead Africa – Personal Health & SRC, Philips Africa.

As men, we are growing into ourselves and exploring our individuality through our hairstyles and facial hair. The OneBlade is positioned as the perfect tool to do this comfortably.

What sets the OneBlade apart is that it doesn’t cut the hair beneath the skin, rather on the surface, giving you a close shave without risk of shaving bumps caused by your hair curling and growing beneath the skin.

It comes in three models:


The blade is dual-sided, lasts up to 4 months and is easy to replace. The combs easily click on and give you variation in terms of cutting length. At the launch, the barbers used it not only to shave, trim and cut facial hair but also to trim and style hair. And, having used it prior to the launch, they shared how a lot of their clients are now requesting their own OneBlade.

If there is one thing that irritates me with growing a moustache, in particular, is when it starts to grow onto my lip. The OneBlade has solved this one for me.


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