My new book, Listen To Your Footsteps, is a collection of essays, thoughts and poems that are reflections on my journey to date and the lessons that I have learned, and continue to learn along the way. Who I am today was heavily shaped by my father, who raised me, by my steps and missteps in work, relationships and life, and by my children. I consider myself a contemporary African man but grapple constantly with what that really means. I am a work-in-progress, as we all are, and I try to do the work daily. The reality of the world we live in can be harsh, but I truly believe there is a way to build a life that you can be proud of, a life that means something, a life of legacy, and this is what I engage with and reflect on regularly. I try to keep the fears and doubts at bay. I try to be better every day. I try to live consciously. In this book, I will try to share this, honestly and openly, in the hope that others may find the wisdom in my mistakes, my flaws, my experiences.

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