Listen To Your Footsteps, is a collection of essays, thoughts and poems that are reflections on my journey to date and the lessons that I have learned, and continue to learn along the way. Who I am today was heavily shaped by my father, who raised me, by my steps and missteps in work, relationships and life, and by my children. I consider myself a contemporary African man but grapple constantly with what that really means. I am a work-in-progress, as we all are, and I try to do the work daily. The reality of the world we live in can be harsh, but I truly believe there is a way to build a life that you can be proud of, a life that means something, a life of legacy, and this is what I engage with and reflect on regularly. I try to keep the fears and doubts at bay. I try to be better every day. I try to live consciously. In this book, I will try to share this, honestly and openly, in the hope that others may find the wisdom in my mistakes, my flaws, my experiences.

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“I have lived a thousand lives…” writes Kojo and Listen To Your Footsteps lets you, albeit almost briefly, in to his youth in Maseru, his struggles with addiction and melancholy, the immense losses that have shaped him into the African man and father he is today, and his relationship with the world around him, The questions Kojo will almost never get answers to – trying to make sense of his identity; his mistakes and achievements; his parenting style; and being under the omnipresent guidance of his father – are laid candidly bare in this absorbing recollection of his life.”

– Melanie Bala, broadcaster, Metro FM


In 2005, with the financial support of my father, I self-published my first collection of poetry, titled Voices In My Head. Truly bootstrapped, I put it together with a group of friends, from the cover to the editing to the launch.

I printed 500 copies and probably gave away as many as I sold at the weekly open mic nights I attended around the city of Joburg and behind. In those days, there was an active scene.

A few years ago, someone converted Voices into e-book format and I uploaded it to Amazon. And, following the publishing of Listen To Your Footsteps, and the creation of this page, a friend accused me of forgetting about Voices. 

So here it is. A snapshot of an extended moment in my life, when I used to document the trials and tribulation in verse.


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