In The Listen To Your Footsteps podcast, I extend the reflections on life, loss, identity, craft, parenting, culture, design, et al that I explore in the book Listen To Your Footsteps by chatting to (primarily) Africans who are navigating this world on their own terms and living life to the best of their ability.

Still early in the journey, guests on the show include designers Papama Mtwisha and Thula Sindi, comedians Donovan Goliath, Tumi Morake and Joey Rasdien, authors Mohale Mashigo, Lebohang Masango and Mandla Langa, architect Mokena Makeka and media owner George Matsheke. 

We chat everything from design, creativity, music, art, advertising, parenting, mental health and content to craft, fashion, media, writing, entrepreneurship, anthropology and life’s lessons.

Listen To Your Footsteps podcast is available on multiple podcasting platforms.

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