• Greetings Here are a couple of things that I came across that I would like to share. 1 I came across this quote on the Advice To Writers site and I can’t stop thinking about it. 2 On the 99% Invisible podcast is an episode about the podcast Stuff The British Stole
  • Greetings, A lot of my memories reside in the songs I was listening to in the moments. Sometimes the stories in the songs correlated with the experiences, sometimes they didn’t. Regardless, there is something about being taken back in time when you hear a certain chord, or melody, or lyric.
  • Greetings, Here are 7 things that I wanted to share. 1 We wake up every day, try to get on with the day-to-day, all the while afraid that the next message, or call, or Tweet will be a notification of another person that has succumbed to COVID-19. There is a heaviness in the air. It […]
  • Greetings I believe that we are all inherently creative and manifest our creativity in different ways regardless of profession or industry. Creativity is not the sole domain of those we deem ‘creatives’. As a working writer, most of the work I do, whether consulting or writing, is in the corporate space. I find that allowing […]
  • Greetings, The beauty of the internet is that it democratises storytelling. The flip side is that there is often so much noise, it’s hard to be heard. 1 There is the story of Tommie Smith and John Carlos, raising their fists on the podium at the 1968 Olympic Games. And then there’s the story of […]

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