Daddy Needs Massage Love Too

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In a way, I suspect my daughter was gently pushing me to be decisive. With Father’s Day around the corner, Africology is running a special of both product as well as spa treatment, and I had been procrastinating around going through to one of their spas. Climbing into bed at 1am, knowing that I need to be up to get my children to school early, she woke me up at 05:30am because she was thirsty. I tried to get another 30 minutes of sleep in but still woke up groggy. After the school run, I decided this would be the best day to actually go through and experience Africology’s Magnesium Sports Massage, at the Maslow in Sandton, although they do have spas in Rosebank, Parkhurst and at EXEC Care in Dunkeld West.

Africology Magnesium Sports Massage

“The Africology magnesium sports massage was created in conjunction with the doctors at ExecuCare, resulting in a spa treatment with benefits that continue long after your spa visit. Magnesium is absorbed through the skin, and is vital to our physical and mental well-being. Magnesium combats physical and mental fatigue, boosts focus, improves sleep, evens out blood pressure, keeps the bones strong, improves your mood and manages inflammation. When combined with a full-body massage, magnesium restores the fatigued body to a naturally energetic and restored state.”


That’s the official explanation. Being someone who has learnt that regular massages help keep the stress at bay, it’s about how it makes me feel and I’m sitting here writing this in relaxed bliss. From when I walked in, the space is calming. I had ‘mud’ on the body and spent about 10 minutes in the steam room, which in itself was invigorating, followed by the massage. The Africology products have a lovely scent, very rich reflecting the indigenous South African ingredients used to create them. The therapist was pleasant, professional and strong – when she I asked that the massage be ‘hard’, it was. Honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have already planned my next treatments.

Limited Edition Shave Kit

I have been using the Shave Kit, which consists of the LTD Edition Beard Balm, Shaving Cream (which I’m obviously not using) and Cleansing Gel, for about 2 weeks now. Being a soapy face wash person, it’s taken a bit to get used to that fact that the Cleansing Gel isn’t, but you do feel like it’s doing its work.

I really like the Beard Balm. Until you grow a beard, you never really understand the work that goes into grooming and I have accumulated beard oils, balms, brushes, soaps and other tools for keeping mine in check and healthy. There have been some hits and some misses when it comes to finding the right product. I have ordered from as far as Canada in my attempts to find the right one. The Africology Balm isn’t too oily yet moisturises well. There’s nothing worse that a greasy-feeling beard. My daughter loves to play with mine and her hands don’t end up greasy and grungy. It is one of the best balms I have used, although I have to get creative with the perfumes I pair it with so that the scent is complementary.

The Africology Limited Edition Shave Kit is available on their ONLINE STORE. Check out their site Africology for more background on the products, make bookings, etc. You don’t have to wait for Father’s Day to get your father some goodies.


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