The other day, I received a tweet asking me whether it was ‘manly’ to interact with men’s fashion and grooming media. Having spent four years at the helm of a men’s business and lifestyle magazine, I was a little puzzled by the question. I had hoped we had moved beyond the narrow view of what is to be a man but I was probably being very naïve. I was glad when the whole ‘metrosexual’ label faded because I could never understand why, when you take a little time to consider your style and grooming – especially manscaping -, it automatically meant you are ‘a metrosexual’ which never seemed overly complementary.

I interact with multiple brands and hope to do more on them on this platform. One of the latest products to find a home in my bathroom cabinet is the Philips Bodygroomer Series 1000. It came with a video that went a step outside my levels of comfort, with a man demonstrating how to use the Bodygroomer – so I won’t be posting it but you can check it out HERE. It is … instructional.

The Bodygroomer is a useful tool to get rid of excess (or all) hair in those sensitive places with worry about the very real issue of razor cuts, which can be excruciating. You can trim quite close (0.5mm) due to a skin protector and it also has a 3mm comb if you aren’t looking to go ‘bald eagle’, as they describe it. It’s easy to use, runs with one AA battery and you don’t need to replace the blades. It’s also waterproof so you can use it in the shower or bath without worrying about the Bodygroomer or electrical stimulation.


Philips has detailed manscaping ‘styles’ in their press release and, rather than trying to find the words to describe its potential usage, I figure let me rather have them tell you:

Basic Mankini – eliminate hair on your legs below the edge of your underwear. The best way to achieve this look is to keep your tightie-whities on; simply trimming where your brief rests on your thighs. Just click on the comb to pre-trim longer hairs to 3mm before removing it for a closer trim.

Faux Natural – not too groomed, but neatly trimmed. This is one of the most popular styles, where you trim your man garden just enough to look neat. Using the Philips Bodygroomer with the comb, simply trim the hair around the base of your man-tackle for a neat natural look.

Manzilian – this is a clean sweep that eliminates hair from everywhere but your legs and above your crown jewels. When you work your way down to the marbles, click on the skin-protector to get the closest results. The trimmer is bi-directional to grab those annoying hairs that grow in all directions.

Wedge – essentially a manzilian that also eliminates some of the hair above your shaft, leaving a small landing strip. To achieve the look, take away all the hair and leave a small block above the shaft of your neither region. Take your trimmer and gently glide it up and down your man-tackle. Pull the skin tight and move the trimmer in any direction that feels comfortable.


If you down with manscaping, you can pick one up at Clicks, Dischem, Pick n Pay and for the recommended retail price of R299.00. Happy trimming. #GoFurther


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