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I’ve been involved in Nashua’s Saving You Time campaign for a couple of weeks now. I have been using it to add impetus to my own drive to become a bit more efficient on a personal level particularly because I have never been a person who has been able to do only one thing. Before, during and after university, I was working in family businesses, in management consulting, IT (in particular identification technologies, biometrics and specialised software), retail (a shop supplying hair products and cosmetics to hair salons) and a weekly newspaper, all in Maseru.

Currently, while my work life is devoted to Destiny Man magazine, I always seem to have a number of projects on the go from this blog, a book, a poetry album, and some consulting stuff. The need to be efficient is to allow me the space to maximise my attention when engaged with something and this includes time with family and for myself. And, ironically, I often spend time with friends looking at their operations to see how I can help them find that sweet spot as well – kind of a “mechanic driving a scrap’ syndrome. I console myself that I am, at least, working at it.

Obviously Nashua, with this initiative, is positioning itself and working to build awareness around how it is able to facilitate and assist businesses especially. They have created a business efficiency test and will send in consultants to help business improve their efficiency. I recently took the test for my business although it operates on the move, without a fixed space, driven forward by my partner. I don’t if I passed by I got 61% which I will take as a good start. I would be curious to find out if anyone would be interested in getting a free business assessment, going through the process and letting me know how it went. A real life case study, so to speak.

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If you do have a business and would be interested, drop me a message in the comments section and I will try put in a good word but also would like to document your process.


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