Loxion Kulcha Going Back To Its Roots?

by | Oct 7, 2010 | Lifestyle | 0 comments

loxion kulca

Loxion Kulcha is a pioneering South African brand, growing from the urban streets to penetrate all aspects of South African society. They were the model for so many young urban brands today. Started in the late ’90s by Wandi Nzimande and Sechaba Mogale, the first products to be sold – out of the boot of a car – were beanies and skullcaps. As they expanded into everything from full urbanwear to eyewear, footwear and bags, the brand resonated with young television and music personalities, and has grown to become what some estimate to be a multi-million Rand business.

They drew inspiration from American urban wear labels like FUBU and Karl Kani, learnt the lessons and created a truly SA phenomenon. Over the last couple of years, they haven’t seemed as in-your-face and, therefore, as present as before but they are still active, having just shown collections at SA Fashion Week recently.


Their new Roots ad raises some interesting questions about where they are going and what the next step in the journey is. Looking forward to getting the answers.


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