At the South African Fashion Week April 11-15, 2013, a couple of designers had installations instead of full fashion shows and my favourite was Shaldon Kopman’s Naked Ape which was both creative in how it was setup as a fully sensory experience with a video taking attendees on a journey that tied to the models dotted around the room.

I have been fortunate enough to have known Shaldon for about a decade and have been inspired by how he has built both his personal brand and that of Naked Ape. I had the opportunity to visit his studio and the one thing you are guaranteed with from Shaldon is craftsmanship and a great eye coupled with functionality and the use of natural fabrics (like bamboo, hemp and organic cotton) that is comfortable with an edge.

Samuel L. Jackson was recently in South Africa and Shaldon dressed him for a film he was shooting. He was also very positive in his experience of Shaldon’s design style and general humanity. The video below is a great accompaniment to Naked Ape’s garments and accessories.


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