G-Star Presents RAW Episodes

by | Feb 10, 2014 | Design, Lifestyle | 0 comments

Brands have now realised that, beyond simply selling to us, they need to tell stories. As a result, more and more are building interesting platforms to create and curate content that both reflects their values as well as speak to the desired customer base. The Dutch denim brand G-Star has been building a presence in South Africa and recently launched a store in Cape Town. As an urban clothing brand that draws inspiration from vintage military apparel using raw denim, G-Star has been collaborating with individuals it sees as fitting its brand essence, including in the series RAW Episode, the first of which was with a Filipino musician based in Los Angeles, Yuna Zarai.

In RAW Episode 2, G-Star takes a peek into the world of a Cape Town installation artist Daniel Popper, in particular a four-story tree he created for the Nelson Mandela School for Science and Technology.


Looking forward to seeing who else they decide to interact with and how far they’ll take the RAW Episodes. Separate from this initiative, they are also collaborating with Pharrell Williams and Bionic Yarn on an initiative called RAW For The Oceans.



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