Intel Powers Convergence

Jan 11, 2016 | Technology & Innovation

Convergence. A word that has, over the last decade or so, taken on added meaning as technology has evolved and we have made the transition from single-purpose devices to multiple purpose devices. The PC, followed by the laptop, and the birth of the mobile device, whether smartphone or tablet, have created proper confusion when it comes to how we divide up our time because everything purports to do everything, just not always well.


Not too long ago, I struggled with the idea of watching video on a laptop or reading books on a tablet.  The screen felt too small for video and I still preferred watching on a TV. I generally watched on my laptop if I really had to to. Getting my first tablet, watching video on that was reserved for airplanes and I bought a Kindle to read books, only because I got tired of carrying multiple books around with me.

That has gradually changed in the last 2/3 years but my tablet has generally been, primarily, a media consumption and play device for me. I still haven’t been able to get into the rhythm of, for example, using my iPad for writing, using an external Bluetooth keyboard, and with the bulk of my work being translating thought and ideas into ‘content’, I still feel more comfortable with a laptop/notebook with keyboard and screen.

When I use a tablet for work, it is often simply for task management (Asana), checking emails on-the-go, notes (Evernote) and browsing. I also use it for speaking/MCing functions because I usually have my notes in Evernote or Word (and I still haven’t reached the level where clients hook me up with autocue).


The quest for a ‘dual-purpose’ work and play device has brought me to the latest devices being promoted extensively by Intel, the 2 in 1. Kicking off the Christmas holidays with a Dell Inspiron 13 7000-series 2-in-1 laptop was the perfect way to give it proper run. Having two young children in the house, I don’t always get to watch the series and films I want to, which also helped me get over watching video on laptops and tablets. The two most important elements when watching, for me, is picture quality and audio. I don’t want to feel like I am constantly waiting for the device to, intermittently, deliver on this. The Dell put in some serious hours over three weeks in catering to the binge-watching needs of both myself and the missus and did not disappoint.

At the same time, I have been using the holiday to plan my writing and content creation targets for 2016, which has involved developing editorial plans for this blog, messing with graphic software, playing with editing video, doing some writing and detailing 101 ideas. Switching from tablet, stand, tent and laptop at will, you are able to find the most comfortable position to use the device, depending on what you are doing. The stylus and the 13.3 Full HD touch screen are also very useful features to have. The Dell is running Intel Core i5-5200U CPU which basically means it can handle the constant activity and the battery power isn’t too shabby either.

For information on the Intel technology driving 2-in-1 devices, check HERE and for specific features of the Dell Inspiron 13 that I have been reviewing, check HERE. I’m looking forward to continuing to put it through its paces, both for work as well as for play. Doing me best so far.