The Art of Life With Steve Slotow

About two and a half years ago, two guys, who often bumped into each other at tech and other press events, decided to create a web series/vlog, which they called The Art of Life. They called in two friends to shoot the web series (for free) and proceeded to slowly churn out episodes – every couple of weeks/months. One of the guys is Steve Slotow. The other is yours truly. Our trusted crew consists of Quinton and Heine. We eventually shot and posted about 14 episodes, the last of which went up over a year ago.

We are back with an approach that will continue to ebb and flow in response to our evolving thoughts around vlogs. For this episode, we chat about Tidal, Spotify, Simfy Africa and music streaming in general. Please check it out, share your thoughts, topics you’d like us to explore, etc.

We promise it’ll get better. The intention is to post on a weekly basis but, if you subscribe on YouTube, you won’t have to try remember to check out for the latest episode.


Disclaimer / Disclosure

I accept advertising and do sponsored posts from brands or services from time to time with my primary criteria being whether there is synergy or it is an area, product, service or thought that I am naturally interested in.

I am not responsible for the actions, claims, statistics, quotes or any other representation of advertisers or sponsors so, if you have had issue with them, please take it up with them.

I endeavour to always be honest about my views and, to be honest, if I don’t anything nice to say about something, I’d rather not talk about it at all. You may not agree with my opinions and that is cool.

I also engage with a lot of different brands, activations, etc that are of interest to me that aren’t paid for. The primary purpose of this blog is to share content around my interests, whether it is marketing, campaigns, lifestyle, music, sport, poetry, tech, etc.

If you, as a brand, think there is merit in interacting with myself and my blog, or that I would be interested in your product or service, please drop us a line. This includes ads on the site.

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