When Facebook bought Instagram for about $1 billion in cash and stocks in 2012, the main question asked was ‘why’? I don’t know that there was (or is) a clear answer but watching the evolution of how people use the platform has been interesting. I was drawn to it because I’d already been dabbling in mobile photography – using Flickr to store my images. It’s probably the only real hobby I’ve had over the last couple of years and I now have just under 2000 Instagram posts.

In the last year, I’ve been seeing a lot more traction from ‘ordinary people’ in addition to the devoted IGers who have taken to the platform wholeheartedly. As with other social spaces, the relationship with companies and brands has been tentative at best. A hotel I stayed in a year ago in Paris only came across one of my pics from my stay there 6 months after the fact.

A friend and tech blogger, Liron Segev (also known as the Techie Guy), has recently written a book about how South African brands can leverage Instagram called Master Instagram For Business. I’ve been following the different businesses for a while, to get a sense of how they are doing this (and recommending ways to some of my clients), and Wrangler currently have a campaign – Sun Chaser Challenge – that is using Instagram in a very cool way.

It is in its second week and comes to an end on May 26th. The competition is being run in South Africa, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, Phillippines, India and Thailand. The overall prize is a 5 day trip to a destination of your choice but there are weekly prizes attached to the weekly challenge. The first challenge was Beat The Sun and to participate entrants needed to take a picture of the sunrise and post to Instagram with the hashtags #WranglerSunChaser and #SouthAfrica.


This week’s challenge is a sunset picture.

There is so much more businesses can do with the different platforms. It’s great to see when they use them creatively and effectively.


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