Steve Slotow is someone who I’ve been bumping into at, primarily, tech launches over the last two years. We’d chat briefly about this and that and get back to our lives. We both write and engage with content, particularly technology and digital related, from a more inclusive lifestyle perspective, rather than the solely geeky, nitty-gritty spec driven one – don’t doubt we do like specs and features as well. So, when he approached me about starting a web series engaging with all of these spaces and more, I jumped at the opportunity. We’ve decided to call it The Art of Life. A director, editor, producer friend of mine, Quinton Jones, agreed to shoot it. The people at 21Tanks agreed to allow us to shoot on their premises. We’ve finally completed our first episode. There will be more, initially going up every fortnight on Our Art Of Life.

Please check out Episode 1. It’s a start. Share your thoughts, ideas, interesting things you come across, etc on And please come back.



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