Motorcycle Madness

Apr 15, 2013 | On The Road

A few months ago, I decided that I am middle-aged enough to get a motorcycle and randomly ride somewhere on Sundays for pancakes and scones, joining the mass exodus of men and women who do the breakfast runs on weekends out of Joburg. My last experience on a bike was about 20 years ago, messing around with friends so I wrangled my way into the BMW Rider Academy for their Novice course. A full day of some theory – where what is on a motorbike – and a lot of riding. Had a lot of fun and it’s made me want a bike even more, especially because, to do the next few courses, I need my own bike.

I have found the general view to be that, if you want a motorbike, you must be insane, particularly with the drivers and taxi drivers in Joburg. Even with all the naysayers, and the risks that are detailed extensively, I still want a bike. And this video, which Rich Mulholland tweeted – he also wrote a column on why he rides for Destiny Man – articulated the feeling I got when riding around Zwartkops parking lot – they don’t let novices on the track.

When I was younger, I didn’t have the temperament to ride a bike. I’d have killed myself without help. Now it is about exploring things that allow me moments of solitude and silence.