Intel is in a fascinating position as it continues to entrench itself in the world of technology beyond simply being the engine to devices like laptops, desktops and other similar hardware. Traditionally, we were all very used to seeing the Intel Inside sticker but, with the evolution of technology, the computing and digital realm have become more about how we, as ordinary consumers, use technology as opposed to simply the specs. And the reality is that, for most of us, the capability of, for example, a chip, doesn’t make any sense to us.

To realign itself with the way we interact with technology, Intel globally has shifted what it places emphasis on. Instead of saying “We have created a couple of variants of the Core i7 microprocessor including the i7-2600S with 2.8 GHz/3.8 GHz Turbo Boost”, they now also place attention on the functionality of the overall hardware, such as the Ultrabook, and how devices with their processors enable us to create content, such as images and video. Other initiatives include the Intel Teach programme and driving the Ultrabook as the next phase of personal computing. Intel Africa recently provided me with one to giveaway and, as part of the drive around OneWebDay, which I posted on last week.

As part of OneWebDay – September 22 – this year, they gave away Intel Ultrabooks to active Internet users driving the campaign through Twitter. The South African winner was Dave Greenway, who said, of his prize, “”The internet is an integral part of my daily life, from working online, to blogging, to social networking, everything I do daily revolves around the internet. One Web Day is therefore perfect summation of everything that I do. Being an Ultrabook the Asus Zenbook is fast, light and most importantly for me, powerful. It needs to be to keep up with my hectic schedule of consuming and creating content online. It’s the most amazing prize to be given and I’m still beyond excited that Intel decided to award me with one.”

Intel continue to explore projects on the continent and globally. Check their twitter feed for activities.

Please do share thoughts on what you feel they can do more of, particularly within your community.

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