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Since 2006, the OneWebDay is held every September 22 to celebrate the internet and also to promote the importance of open networking principles.

The suggested theme for this year’s events was to highlight local content as a way of making the Internet available for our communities. Earlier in the year a joint report made available from the Internet Society, UNESCO, and the OECD revealed just how important local content is to building a connected society. Mr Markus Kummer from the Internet Society stated, “This study confirms the strong relationship between local content and Internet infrastructure. Keeping the traffic local and building up local content is key for improving access to the Internet. As the volume of local content increases around the world, the Internet becomes more relevant and has a greater impact on improving the lives of local communities.”

This year, to celebrate the OneWebDay, Intel is gave away Intel Ultrabooks to internet users in Spain, Russia, South Africa and Germany. Intel wanted to reward these users for being highly engaged and active online. With their new Ultrabook they can get the most of the online world.

Ultrabooks are designed to feature reduced size and weight without compromising performance. They come with some great capabilities like long battery life, light weight and instant-on and instant-connect functions.

Not only did Intel want to reward them but they also wanted to surprise the highly interactive internet users and you can watch their reactions at #OneWebDay. Explore the reactions of the winners on the #onewebday hashtag conversation and let us know what are your thoughts on the reactions and Intel’s participation with OneWebDay?

To find out more about the OneWebDay you can access the following link:

My approach with sponsored posts is to consider whether they are something that would be of interest to me in general. Having given away an Intel Ultrabook, I’m obviously fascinated by this new approach to hardware and how Intel, rather than the manufacturers, are really driving ultrabooks forward.


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