Playing With Mini JCW Roadster

by | Jun 6, 2012 | On The Road | 0 comments

I love beautiful cars but, in all honesty, I was never the guy who understood all the intricacies. I’ve driven a lot of cars, clocking crazy kilometres on a daily basis, but couldn’t tell you much about things like kilowatts. I’ve always been more about how comfortable it feels, how much I enjoy driving it, etc. A couple of months back, I was fortunate enough to get the Mini Roadster John Cooper Works to play with for a weekend and it was fun as hell. Fortunately it was still a little warm so I plonked the Prince (my son) on the passenger seat and cruised out onto the highway for an expensive (seen the petrol price) drive. While the top is operated manually, it is a quick and simple push down or pull up.


It has a lovely little growl and, when you press Sport, it ups the ante in the growl and responsive stakes. I found myself driving places for no reason other than to drive. Top down or top up, the music was crisp, and the drive was dope. Beyond that, there aren’t words to quite capture the feeling.


I would love it as a run-around-town car or for those weekend drives to nowhere.



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