PayPal x / FNB Developer Challenge

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One of the frontiers of technology today is app development. Most mobile phones can call out and receive calls, so where the attention now is continues to be on the development of applications that satisfy the multitude of needs and wants that we have. Also, as more and more of us get online, our needs for online apps is also on the rise.

Following the exclusive deal to bring PayPal fully into the South African market, FNB and PayPal ran the PayPal X / FNB Developer Challenge which was won by two developers, Neil Koekemoer and Werner Janse van Rensburg for the application, Billbox.


Koekemoer: “Our App is designed for people who share expenses such as students, housemates or holiday and business travel groups. Individuals can also use the application to track their own spending habits.”

Janse van Rensburg: “Having shared bills with housemates for several years, we knew there was a need for a product like Billbox ? and we were our own best customers.”

The competition was for the creation of innovative applications within the financial services sector that the use PayPal’s payment tools. It took Koekemoer and Van Rensburg three hundred and fifty seven hours to create.

For those of you who have to navigate the social challenge of sharing expenses with others, this might just be the thing for you.

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