Nokia just announced the launch of Nokia Ringaz Blog in South Africa and are looking for a blogger to join their team of bloggers. The selected blogger needs to be comfortable with scribbling thoughts, be open to initiating conversation and engaging with people. Nokia Ringaz is to become the heart of the community, its people, trends, products, etc and, therefore, the selected blogger needs to be passionate about technology – especially the mobile phone – but also be tuned into and interested in what is happening around them.

Nokia Ringaz South Africa Blog Banner

If you feel you are that person:

“There is no onerous list of requirements. You don’t have to be a regular blogger. In fact, we’re looking for fresh voices. You don’t have to be over 21, you don’t have to be from Gauteng, you don’t even have to use a Nokia phone.

All you have to do is drop us a short, snappy motivation to of around 150-200 words that screams “Pick Me! Pick Me” by Saturday the 31st of July 2010. But beware: we may just use your submission as your first blog entry.

In return, we’ll ask you to write a couple of blog entries per month and being actively engaged with your buzzing audience, for which we’ll pay you a modest stipend for your trouble.”

While it is a Nokia Blog, they have stated emphatically that they will not censor or attempt to guide the direction of blog content; it is about starting conversations and engaging with people. I think that boundaries will be determined once a boundary is tested. It does seem a great opportunity and I may just throw my two cents in. Nokia Ringaz.


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