Nokia CK-200 Car Kit & Other Accessories

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Nokia recently announced the impending arrival in South Africa of its CK-200 car kit. It should be available in SA from June and estimated retail price is R1,500 uninstalled. Car kits have tended to be financially inaccessible and / or complicated to install and the CK-200 looks like it is going to have a significant impact on the market. It is said to be easy to install, with three possible installations possible, via direct input, ISO cable or external speaker.

CK-200_car kit

The device itself is a ‘screen’ that can be mounted on the dashboard which contains everything you need, including an embedded 9mm microphone and 2.5” display with adjustable RGB display which can be set to a range of backlight colours. The display unit can be easily removed when leaving the car.

It can connect to two phones at the same time and you can easily switch between the two – and between phone books. It has memory for 2 user’s phonebooks with 1200 contacts each and 3 numbers (mobile, home, office) for each contact. This works for people like me with two cellphones but is also perfect for road trips with your spouse (although you wouldn’t necessarily want to listen to the other’s long-winded conversations that cut out the music).

The CK-200 also comes with a wireless remote that can mounted anywhere convenient for you – i.e. steering wheel, dashboard, gear – and enables you to answer and end calls, mute the microphone and switch between phones. You can also activate voice dialling, if your handset supports it.

The real beauty of the Nokia CK-200 is that you are not limited to a Nokia handset so, while it is a Nokia product, you are not restricted. It should be interesting to see how it fairs in the market in comparison to the existing car kits that have often seemed very complicated to install.


Additional accessories that Nokia has launched include:



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