I received this press release today and felt I should share immediately. I’m curious to see how Twitter® for BlackBerry® is going to do against Ubertwitter which has become the application of choice for any Blackberry user around the world. With the Twitter mobile and web site both lacking in the convenience of functionality that other applications have, Twitter® for BlackBerry® is long overdue. Try it and let me know what you think. 480x360_Twitter_ENG_03 The new Twitter® for BlackBerry® smartphones application launches in BlackBerry App World™ today, allowing BlackBerry users to engage with the popular social media platform. The application allows users to:

  • Get direct messages as soon as they arrive (making use of BlackBerry® push)
  • Reply to tweets, re-tweet and send direct messages
  • Post a link from their BlackBerry® browser
  • Take pictures and upload them direct from the camera application
  • Share thoughts and join conversations
  • Find and follow friends or search for popular topics


Launched in a closed beta in February, RIM has taken onboard your feedback to enhance the functionality of the app, ahead of today’s launch.  During beta testing, the following additional features have been developed:

  • Notifications of new tweets and @replies/mentions
  • Lists support
  • Profile editing
  • Personalisation settings
  • Show/Hide Nav. Bar and Tweetbox
  • Font size/style
  • Enlarged profile avatar viewing
  • Additional in application caching

Available for free from the test centre in BlackBerry App World, the Twitter for BlackBerry app is available for download today. The video review of the application below when it was still in the closed beta stage. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcENCeUyYAM


  1. MoleteMathaba

    I downloaded it after reading this blog post. I like how it is eaier to check what the trending topics are. I prefeer the display on Ubertwitter, plus on Ubertwitter, you have the option of getting you name lists coming up automatically whn you type in @. I’m using both applications at the moment though. I haven’t yet decided on which one I preffer.

  2. Kojo Baffoe

    To be honest, I’m doing the same, using both for now.

  3. Thende

    The only thing i like about Twitter for BB is that it is super quick when it comes to notifications on mentions or DM’s. Other than that, there really is nothing special about it. I prefer to use ubertwitter, especially because I can edit RT’s and my ‘friend’ list pops up when i type the ‘@’ sign. Overall, Ubertwitter looks better. ….but its not a bad start. I suppose in due time Twitter for BB will improve…for now, i use Twitter for BB to check mentions and DM’s, simply because Ubertwitter is slow in notifying me….

  4. Youngblood

    I consider myself a BlackBerry® and Twitter® enthusiast , I wondered when Blackberry® would introduce their own application for Twitter®, finally it has been released.

    I currently use Ubertwitter to tweet so when it was released I decided to run both applications at the same time and found that Twitter® for Blackberry®
    has some really good points and some not so good points that need to be addressed if they want to stay ahead of the game.

    Taking into account all the Twitter® applications for BlackBerry® out at the moment I found it strange that Blackberry® did not make 100% sure that their application was on point before releasing it.

    These are a few functions that are not available:

    1. The editing of a retweet ( commenting on someone’s tweet )
    2.The @ list , this automatically brings up individuals you follow, making finding someone much easier and avoids spelling errors of their username.
    3. Inserting of symbols or fancy characters.
    4. Uploading of a video ( only photo option is available)
    5. Options like Twit longer when 140 characters are not enough.
    6. An option to automatically follow Twitter® for Blackberry® would be a plus as you can address issues with them directly over Twitter®.

    The Good points :

    1. Speed (refreshing takes quicker)
    2. The fact that your direct messages can now be included in your BlackBerry® message application.
    3 The Interface is appealing , much clearer and there are no more adverts displayed like there were on Ubertwitter.

    So for the moment Ubertwitter will still be my choice of application to tweet from my BlackBerry® until the new Twitter® for Blackberry® has improved it’s functionality.

  5. Lulama

    currently using the app for a while now, its great I love it. But I cant compare it to the ubertwitter, because I haven’t been using it. I will download the ubertwitter app and try it…

  6. Lulama

    tried ubertwitter,its awesome! I stopped using twitter for blackberry. Twitter for Blackberry irritated me because it wouldn’t stop vibrating every tweet notification I received, which is +99 every minute! It got frustrating I had to log off it and after hearing here about ubertwitter I’ve been a fan ever since!

    Thank you for this website1

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