Making sense of social media is a daunting task. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, various Ning networks, etc all vie for our time and our energy, each supposed to serve a purpose yet often seeming more like redundant spaces. Beginning last year, I made it my mission to figure out all these spots I had profiles on and understand better how to use them to achieve my online purpose.

LinkedIn is one of these as the network for the more business-minded. I had a profile but probably only went onto it once every couple of months. I’m still finding my rhythm on LinkedIn but do find that it works for networking from a professional perspective. I am able to interact with others in my field of interest, make recommendations and recommended, and highlight what I am doing professionally.


I don’t know that I’ll ever get a full handle on social media, but I am gradually finding a way to manage the time and energy I spend on each one. For one, being a BlackBerry® user, I use the various applications for BlackBerry® like Ubertwitter (still waiting to use the BlackBerry® for Twitter app), Facebook and even WordPress.

Finally, LinkedIn has launched its LinkedIn For BlackBerry® application to complement the existing mobile apps for iPhone® and Palm Pre™. The application is available on and BlackBerry App World™ for BlackBerry® Tour™, BlackBerry® Curve and BlackBerry® Bold series of smartphones


Key functionality includes:

  • Search: Prepare for any meeting by quickly accessing LinkedIn profiles
  • Messages: Enables users to manage their LinkedIn inboxes on the go
  • Network Updates: Stay connected to the professional conversation
  • Connections: Make new connections away from the computer
  • Invitations: Send invites to new connections to build professional networks
  • Reconnections: Users receive recommendations of who they may want to add to their professional networks

I haven’t had the chance to give it a run yet and would be curious to hear thoughts on how useful it actually is. For more info, check out the LinkedIn blog.


  1. Harsh agrawal

    Linkedin has taken a lot of time to develop an app for BlackBerry, as a professional Linkedin user I was hoping for a Linkedin app from a long time, I’m happy that its here now.

  2. Lulama

    I use both the normal computer website Linkedin and I also use the Blackberry app. Problem with the BB app is,its very limited. You can only really see messages, requests and small amounts of what some of your connections are up to on the site. Also Blackberry Linkedin is never really updated as much as the main computer site. Well thats what I found, may be its just me and my 8520 Blackberry…

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