A couple of months ago, I did a little write-up on Nokia’s Calling All Innovators competition which was to give Application Developers the opportunity to create mobile and web applications relevant to the South African market. At a small, intimate event at Primi Piatti at Melrose Arch, Nokia announced the Top 10 submissions and the overall winner.

Nokia received over 125 submissions primarily from South Africa, followed by Kenya, but also including Pakistan, Germany, US, India and Bahrain.

The Top 10 are:

1st – Afridoctor by 20fourlabs
Afridoctor is a personall mobile health clinic, which includes: First aid information kit, a doctor-location service, emergency distress notifier, and Calculators and quizzes. You can: Submit photos of ailments and remotely receive advice from a panel of professionals; Find doctors, clinics and all health industry related services within their proximity; and the emergency feature notifies next of kin of distress and location.

2nd – That Roach Game by Breakdesign
Basically, you squash bugs. The bugs speak 4 SA languages. You can upload scores and chat with people.

3rd – Sasol e.Birds by Coolideas
Sasol e.Birds is an intuitive interactive Electronic Field Guide to the Birds of Southern Africa which includes images, Audio and Textual content with a smart search facility, allowing for easy identification of species plus a logging facility so identified species can be recorded and stored for later reference.

4th – MrSNAKE by Simon Botes
MrSNAKE is the world’s first mobi guide to snakes of South Africa that enables you to: Search your region to determine snakes habiting in your area; and get detailed information to identify snakes and vital comments about each snake

5th – Thumbtribe widget by Thumbtribe
Thumbtribe widget provides: Up to the minute and highly personalized content; over 35 top publishers consolidated into one place; local content: News, Sport, Entertainment, Local events, TV Guides, Weather, Daily Horoscopes and more.

6th – LiveMobile by LiveMobile
The Livemobile Football widget is a LIVE scoreboard where mobile users can now find real-time scores from every match in the English Premier League and South African Premier League and also the latest league news. It was winner of the Global Mobile Marketing Award 2009

7th – Countdown 2010 by Christian Reeve
Countdown 2010 is a Web Run Time (WRT) based application that: calculates and displays the number of days remaining until the world cup; connects to the FIFA RSS World Cup feed and downloads the 20 most recent news articles; and displays a widget on the users home screen that shows the days remaining and the most recent news article

8th – Surfing Safari by Aqua Online
Surfing Safari provides surf forecasts incorporating weather data, etc to ensure that surfers don’t miss out on the best waves.

9th – Turn Left at the Barrel by Turn Left at the Giraffe
A guide to the wine estates in the Cape that includes estate and wine reviews, and recommendations from local wine experts as well as allows you to: plan a wine route; find nearby wine estates; and take a specialty tour or view maps of the wine areas.

10th – Mall-Buddy by Paul Hinrichsen
Mall-Buddy is an indoor navigational tool that helps you navigate malls in SA.

Afridoctor, which is available for download on the Ovi Store, won a sweet US$85,000 while 2nd to 5th place each received US$10,000.


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