Naturally curious, I try to use my life and work experiences as lessons to do better and be better. I believe that for the collective to progress, it is important that we each share whatever knowledge and wisdom we have garnered. I am comfortable exploring a wide range of topics, using the lessons to create greater understanding across multiple industries. We need to be fully engaged in the human experience. We need to draw from everything at our disposal to ensure that our little patch of this earth is better for us having been in it.

I have facilitated, hosted and been programme director for various events, conferences, workshops, and seminars. I speak on different topics and customise my keynotes and talks each according to the audience and brief. I can also develop custom talks for specific occasions, delving into innovation, technology, lifestyle, marketing, and branding, amongst others.

Hello Ambassador 2014

I spoke at the 2014 Hello Ambassador Creative Festival on contextualising the evolution of media platforms and its impact on storytelling and news.

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