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In the fashion, style and accessories worlds, Instagram has been a great tool for sharing. Whether it is brands highlighting their products or individuals sharing their aesthetic and style, Instagram provides a foundation for telling stories in a very visual (obviously) way. I have found many an item that I ended up ordering online on IG. Daniel Wellington watches are one of those brands that I’d seen and was on my list of items to order. I still wear watches. I like watches that reflect my style and my mood.

Daniel Wellington’s backstory makes for great telling: a young Swede called Filip Tysander meets an Englishman called Daniel Wellington while travelling Australia after high school. He is drawn to the Englishman’s Rolex with a NATO strap. The Swede is inspired to create ‘preppy’ watches with the same strap and names his company after the Englishman.

This was less than ten years ago. Today Daniel Wellington is worth an estimated $180 million. Manufactured in China, the watches are designed simply but beautifully and often fit with a multitude of looks. I like the slimness of it because it slips nicely under a shirt sleeve cuff, without being uncomfortable. What really enhances the watches though are the different straps you can get, primarily NATO style, but with a couple of other options.

Classic Rose Gold

Key to the growth of DW has been two things. Firstly, they had a social media strategy using influencers before many even understood what this was. The number of times I have come across pictures of Daniel Wellington watches over the years has imprinted the brand on my mind – hence when they approached me, I knew exactly what the watches looked like. Second advantage is their price points. Their watches are not priced outside of most of our budgets. And, while they have established a presence in stores around the world, they are easily accessible through their online store.

Which leads me to this. They’ve hooked me up with a discount code for anyone looking to cop one or more of their watches. When purchasing use the following code kojoDW and you get 15% off the price.

Definitely adding a couple more to my collection.


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