Men’s Style: Tread+Miller Gentleman’s Club

May 19, 2016 | Design

The Cape Union Mart Group, while synonymous with outdoor clothing and gear, launched Tread + Miller, a men’s footwear and accessories store in August 2015. Having recently opened their 13th store at the Mall of Africa, the demand for the brand has surpassed their expectations. The store design, style and aesthetic is very gentleman’s club with wood, brown leather and shoe shine facilities. Their positioning is a focus on men with the women’s section being minimal and very much in line with the men’s footwear.

The brands they carry include Sebago, Sperry, Caterpillar, Crockett & Jones and their own Arthur Jack, named after Arthur Krawitz, the son of Philip Krawitz, who started an ‘army & navy’ store in Cape Town in 1933. Arthur Krawitz, when he took over from his father in the 1940s, turned that little store into the business that is the Cape Union Mart Group it is today. As a side note, the current chairman of the Group is Arthur’s son, Philip.

For Autumn-Winter 2016, they have stocked Chelsea, chukka and brogue boots as well as Conrad suede boots from Caterpillar. They also have Sebaga wingtips and, from a woman’s perspective, leather riding boots, lace-up ankle boots and canvas sneakers. Also available are sneakers from brands like Superga and Adidas with the plan being to include other sneaker brands and styles that fit their positioning and aesthetic.

From an accessories perspective, Tread+Miller carries belts, leather bags, Simon and Mary hats as well as their own collection of colourful bamboo socks.

I remember, as a teenager, the process of having to polish one’s school shoes. Tread+Miller stocks all the shoe items needed to ensure that your shoes last longer, including brushes, polish and leather food.

Check out some of the products they provide in the gallery below. I had to get the brogue boots.