Telling Stories At My World Of Tomorrow

by | Sep 28, 2015 | Random, Social | 0 comments

The evolution and, in some instances, disruption of media platforms has thrown the world into perpetual flux. The cries of this being dead and that being the future reverberate around the world endlessly. But, when we look at the reality, particularly from a business perspective, it isn’t that clear-cut, even more so in Africa.

TV, radio, magazine, newspaper, websites, social media, etc. are all undergoing constant change and with the level of innovation the world is experiencing, there may be something just around the corner that will create even greater turmoil. We are just trying to find our way.

I spend a great deal of my time exploring, experimenting, and interacting with different ways of telling stories and the different vehicles available to telling stories. The focus should be on the story, which is how and why Project Fable was formed – we help brands build communities using content (stories) that connects.

In October, I get to share my theories around this at My World of Tomorrow. I shot a little teaser video with them. Check it out.


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