I was recently approached to write an article on interesting trends in Africa for Africa Travel Market Magazine which is positioned as “a new glossy travel, trade and business publication that dares to reposition the African continent as a destination of choice. The trailblazing magazine features a strong lifestyle element and is available in both traditional (print) and digital (embracing new media and social media) platforms.”

While the world ‘discovers’ us all over again, I truly believe the future of this continent lies in the hands (and minds) of the many people who quietly go about creating, building and living their dreams, in tangible ways. In this article, I tried to tap into some of these people. I am hoping there will be an opportunity to explore this more in future issues.

Please check it out and share your thoughts, as well as people you feel are truly making a positive contribution to their respective countries, and the continent as a whole.

True Africa

Also check out the full issue.


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