Idris Elba Tours With Oude Meester

by | Nov 24, 2014 | Lifestyle | 0 comments

Two weeks ago on November 14th, I had the opportunity to ‘live’ interview Oude Meester brand ambassador Idris Elba and Master in the Making Siyabonga Radebe at the Joburg leg of the Oude Meester #InspireMastery Tour that went to Durban and Cape Town first.

The energy in the room was palpable, while Idris and Siyabonga, despite doing 3 events in about 4 days, were engaging. It was a short conversation made interesting by the incessant buzz of the attendees, especially the women, every time Idris spoke. One of the questions from the audience was how does he deal with the ‘sexual energy’ that follows him around.

After the chat, during which Idris and Siyabonga talked about what they learnt on the Oude Meester tour as well as what the present and future of Africa look like, 7Dub hit the decks, serving up a dancefloor-filling – once people stopped taking pictures and started dancing – set that incorporated a little of everything including house music, kwaito, rap, hip hop and even some soul/funk.

It was a good evening and I enjoyed being able to engage with two individuals who are at different stages of their careers but are clear in both direction and thought.



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