Sneaker Freaker In South Africa

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In his book Under The Influence: Tracing The Hip-Hop Generation’s Impact On Brands, Sports & Pop Culture, Erin O. Patton provides insights into the launch and building of the Michael Jordan sneaker brand with Nike as well as Stephon Marbury’s foray into the kicks space with the Starbury. Sneakers have been big business for some years but it is the sneakerheads who take it to a whole different level.

Out of this culture, there have been a library of books, documentaries and online platforms birthed, all devoted to sneakers. While the US tends to dominate the space, the sneaker site and magazine Sneaker Freaker, established by Australian Simon ‘Woody’ Wood in 2002, is a leading global platform for the inside scoop on kicks goings-on.

He recently spent some time in South Africa, courtesy of Adidas Originals, to document and experience sneaker culture here. And while he was here, Adidas shoot a video giving a glimpse into Woody and his experiences during the visit.


Also check out an interview done with him on the Destiny Man site.


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