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Radio continues to be a primary media platform in South Africa, and across the continent, probably more so than the print media, whether magazine or newspaper. I have been tempted to dabble in the space over the years and had illusions of being a radio producer many moons ago. I have had ample opportunity to be on the mic as a guest in my various guises from poetry to working at Destiny Man.

And then, a couple of months back, Thabo “T-Bose” Mokwele asked me to guest host his show on Kaya FM while he was away on holiday. Having worked in and around the media and entertainment spaces, I have never been under the illusion that, while what is put forward is often polished, the work behind the scenes is always intense. Doing Thabo’s show was a reconfirmation of how being on air is hard work and a craft in itself. So, it was a bit daunting to be asked by a friend and colleague, Timothy Maurice Webster, to guest host his show Unbranded on CliffCentral – the online radio platform created by Gareth Cliff in his quest to push what he has defined ‘Unradio’. Ironically, I was under the impression Timothy wanted me on as a guest, only to realise the extent of what I had agreed to the day before I was to go on.

So I enlisted the support of my business partner Gerrard Foster and we spent an hour talking the evolving music industry, branded entertainment, the media and the like. It was a very chill experience and I would like to think that we unpacked some interesting and relevant information. I won’t say the radio bug has bitten but there is a growing itch to possibly explore this space more.

Here’s hoping you enjoy.


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