I attended the launch of Sansui Summer Cup 2014 happening on November 29th at Turffontein Racecourse as part of my journey into the world of horse racing. The weekend before I also attended my first race day at the Emerald Cup at the Vaal Racecourse, spending time with the people from Racing…it’s a rush.

I spent half the time trying to decipher and learn about the race ‘brochure’ breaking down each horse, its performance in the last couple of races, the odds, how to bet, etc. Eventually I was just going for names that I liked and, out of 5 races, I called winners in 4, including the main race, won by a horse called Tommy Gun. I didn’t put any money down but was kind of dope learning the ins and outs, which I’ll continue to do as I work my way towards owning a couple of horses. I even have names selected.

Sansui Summer Cup with G

To launch the Sansui Summer Cup 2014, the face of the race, Dineo Moeketsi, was introduced and a very cool video by digital agency, Retroviral, was shown for the first time. I chatted to head of Retroviral, Mike Sharman, about how they had to shoot the video guerrilla style to be able to incorporate scenes from Joburg.


The theme for this year’s Summer Cup is “Hats Off!” I need to find myself a dope hat for the day at the races.


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