I know that, sadly, in this world, there are many people in need. Below is a letter from a very good friend of mine that I have been meaning to post for a bit. Rather than write a whole post on this, I thought it would be better to simply share the words and hope that there are some of you out there who are in a position to assist, in whatever way possible. If you are able to assist, please leave a message in the content section and I will contact you as well as put you in contact with my friend.

“I am writing on behalf of Jolene and Theo Huntley, I would like to take this opportunity to ask if you could find it in your heart to assist in any way possible assist my family.

Jolene is deaf and her husband Theo is hard of hearing.  They met in a primary school they both attended because of their disability.  They have been inseparable since then, which is almost thirty years.  Despite the fact that both Jolene and Theo live with a disability and Jolene’s mom and father passed away before Jolene turned 20 they completed school and found jobs.  Not long after that, after having saved up, got married like any other couple and even managed to have a beautiful wedding reception without requesting help from anyone.

They then progressed as any family and had two beautiful children Precious (10) and Elliot (5), all this time they took care of themselves and their family and have never expected anyone to assist them in any way

In 2012 Jolene took ill with thyroid problems and she was admitted to hospital, in this time Jolene and Theo discovered they were expecting another child.  Instead of been upset or miserable Jolene and Theo took this as yet another blessing from God.

Little did Jolene and Theo realize just how abundantly the Lord had blessed them until they went to the gynecologist and they were told the news that they were pregnant with “TRIPLETS” Well poor Theo, you should let him tell you in his own way how he asked God why He trusted him so much to give him this BIG responsibility.  However since the initial shock they have taken it in their stride and the babies were born prematurely on the 08th January 2013. Hariel (boy), Haziel (boy) and beautiful little Daniel (girl).

Theo and Jolene’s families have tried to assist this young couple as best we can, however as you can imagine it has been an uphill struggle for the couple and it’s getting more difficult as the babies grow, because family bought clothes or toiletries when the babies were born, but now 14 months later, all those things are no longer forth coming. Clothes are getting smaller, tummies growing bigger and living space getting smaller.

The babies have also been in and out of the hospital during the first six months as their immune systems were very low and they are not able to visit at any of the family homes or go anywhere, because their parents have been afraid that they will take ill once again.

Both Theo and Jolene are hard workers despite their disabilities. Jolene is full timed employed at DEAF SA and Theo at Metro Bus. Theo has even started another business to keep up with the growing expenses, but they are having great difficulty with keeping up with the expenses of taking care of the whole family as no sponsorships or assistance has come to fruition.

This is the first time in their married life together they have to ask for assistance from family and friends.

Getting around as a family has been nearly impossible as they do not have enough car seats other than 2 that family members donated. Last month Jolene, Theo and the children were involved in a car accident, where their car has been declared a write off. We thank the Lord above that they escaped with minor injuries, bruises, whiplash and cuts and none of the children were hurt. We are more than grateful that they are alive and that it wasn’t worse. But now, they are left without any form of transportation to get around.

I would appreciate any assistance for my sister and her husband.

  • Creche sponsor
  • Help with renovating their 3 bedroom house to add maybe just 1 additional room     to make space for this growing family
  • A 7 seater family car so the family doesn’t have to go out in stages
  • Any food or clothing sponsors

This is just my wish list for them, but as I have said they would appreciate anything as they have not been fortunate to get any sponsors

Family details below:

  • Precious Joy Huntley Born: 14 January 2004
  • Elliot Joseph Huntley Born: 14 January 2009

Triplets: One girl and Two boys.

  • Daniel Grace Huntley Born: 08 January 2013
  • Hariel Jo Huntley Born: 08 January 2013
  • Haziel Abel Huntley Born: 08 January 2013″

Anything will be appreciated from toys, clothing, etc. As I said above, if you can assist, please leave a comment and I will get the necessary information to you.




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  1. Lyndell


    I would like to help anyway I can. Please get into contact with me.


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