Steve Slotow & Kojo Baffoe present The Art of Life

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I haven’t shared the Art of Life episodes lately – well, in reality, I haven’t really shared anything lately. The end of the year is always the most intense from a work perspective and with all the writing and running around I’ve been doing have left very little room for blogging. I’ve stopped beating myself up about it. This is something I will continue to do and build on – sometimes, consistently, other times not. It is what it is.

To close out the year, check out the last three episodes of the Art of Life. I continue to believe there is a growing space for web series/online programming and I hope to continue to play and explore the space.

In episode 12, we talked about the Mercedes A 45 AMG and the Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R, the Beats By Dre Pill wireless speakers with bluetooth, and finally a tent – Tentsile stingray tree tent.


Episode 13 was all about smart phones:


And for the last episode of 2103, we chatted about the Audi A3 Sedan, the new Mini Cooper, the Pokket Mini DJ Mixer, Poo-Pourri and the Invisible Bicycle Helmet. A properly random episode to end off the Art of Life web series which is still growing and finding its feet


We will be back in 2014 with more of myself and Steve talking some ish about tech, motoring, lifestyle and design that we like.


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