There is something about travel that puts not only one’s home into perspective but also how we fit into the world as a whole. The diversity that is the human species and the planet we live on is phenomenal but few of us have the opportunity to truly experience it, even if it is a snapshot. I often travel for work and, although the access is great, it is hard to truly experience a place when coming through for 3 days, with most of the time spent working.


Heineken, with its latest global campaign ‘Voyage’, is giving four men the chance to experience the soul of the planet. Voyage is a fascinating social experiment and campaign that involves these men being ‘dropped’ into an absolutely random but challenging environment and having to find their way home. For example, you could be on an Alaskan glacier with “a giant life-ring, a tuxedo and a plane ticket to get you home” without an airport anywhere near.

As part of the campaign, which is integrated across multiple platforms including broadcast, digital and mobile, Heineken is also running the Dropped YouTube channel where documentary-style episodes of each explorer’s journey from remote areas back home will be broadcast. Each adventure will be designed to challenge each character, taking into consideration their unique fears and imagined limitations whether it is in the challenges, the culture or issues of transport.

For South African consumers specifically, there is the opportunity to be one of four to be Dropped in four countries around the world to find your way to the final destination to be crowned the Ultimate Legendary Traveller, and win R40,000 worth of travel.

To enter and win, simply sign up on the site to get your ‘passport’, watch episodes of the original Legendary Travellers episodes, and do an online challenge, which will get you stamps in your passport – the more stamps you get, the more entries you get into the final draw of Heineken Dropped SA.


If you don’t make the final four, or are not included to travel the world the ‘hard’ way, you can follow the competition live on Twitter, including following and engaging with the finalists. Supporting the finalist who eventually wins and you too can win travel to the value of R40,000.

Evolutionary will be following the competition itself and, while I’m not necessarily in the best shape needed to be ‘Dropped’, I’ll definitely be supporting the winning finalist. Human beings are surprisingly resilient. All we need to take away options and people have a way of making the impossible truly possible, regardless over far-fetched it may seem or the extent of the world involved.



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