Technology In The 80s

by | Jun 18, 2013 | Random | 0 comments

I remember life before the cellphone. I remember when my father’s office moved from a normal typewriter to the advanced electric typewriter. I remember when they first bought a fax machine.  I remember marveling at how you could put a piece of paper in your machine and the person on the other side received an exact replica. I remember when people had telex addresses on their business cards. I also remember the sound a modem made when it tried to connect. Every time I think about it, I hear it. I remember holding my breath in anticipation of that last screech that meant you were finally online. Property24 has been running ads on telly that speak that era and before. I like some of the ads. Cheesy but alright. On the other hand, the casting tapes for the ads are brilliant:



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