Dove And The Forensic Artist

by | Jun 13, 2013 | Lifestyle, Random, Social | 0 comments

Sometimes brands get it right. In a desire to place their products and services top of mind, they create something that truly resonates. Something that speaks to the reality of our lives. Dove, with their Real Beauty Sketches campaign, got it right, in my humble opinion. At the heart of the ad is the idea that how women see themselves is different from how others see them. An FBI-trained forensic artist drew sketches of women featured from their own descriptions of themselves and from descriptions from others.

As a man who has had to navigate the ‘does this make me look fat?’ or ‘I wish my (nose, eyes, chin, etc) was bigger, smaller, thinner, wider, etc…’, it fascinated me because, often, when one says ‘you look great’, it is discounted. I’m no expert and I may be off the mark but this ad did make me think about how we all perceive beauty and how we all see ourselves.


I have seen negative comments around it online. We’re all entitled to our own perspective.


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