The Facts According To….

by | Mar 20, 2013 | Random | 0 comments

In my job, I’m sent a great many press releases and packages, all vying for my limited time and attention. Yesterday I had a beat boxer and rapper extolling the benefits of Russian Bear vodka. This morning, I received a folder with a Stylus USB pen attached to it and a two-pager with my “curriculum vitae”, pulled from multiple online sources. Under Other Interests and Hobbies, my favourite and most random is “thinking of tackling yoga”. Been thinking of that for a minute now.

On the USB pen, is an animated video from Kelly Group unpacking the employment/unemployment situation in South Africa, in particular: how people are finding new jobs; what causes job satisfaction; why people are absent from work when not ill; the average wage difference between male and female employees and other factors influencing the world of work.



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