Crack The Case Coming To An End

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The Heineken ‘Crack The Case’ challenge is reaching its final stages with the series of ‘Green Missions’ being run through the Mission HQ on Facebook. Having been launched in November in the build up to the release of the latest Bond film, Skyfall, the competition comes to an end at the end of this month (and this year). Through a relationship with Heineken, I’ve had a couple of posts around ‘Crack The Case’ and Skyfall and have been fascinated by the varying views on both the film and the relationship with Heineken – we all remember “Martini, shaken not stirred” as opposed to “give me a pint”. For some, myself included, this has been one of the best Bonds I’ve seen in a while; for others, it, and Daniel Craig, fall short. I truly find that James Bond has evolved to reflect the times and it is interesting to note that, from a box office perspective, this is the most successful Bond film ever.

Anyway, to get the chance to live like Bond (without being shot, hurt or traumatised, of course) for a couple of days with three friends (to the value of R1 million), people have been going through the various Missions, around the country, including Joburg, Cape Town and Durban. I’ve previously blogged about the Beat The Laser interactive installation where one had to manouevre through a maze of lasers in a Heineken container to win iPads, movie tickets and free Heinekens.

Other missions have included:

Accessing a code from a case in the shark tank and at the Cape Town Aquarium

Abseiling down the side of Tabe Mountain to get the code off a case hanging off the side of the mountain.

Being escorted up Table Mountain by a woman in red after giving her a secret password


Deciphering a code in a number of print publications including Sunday Times (a Soduku puzzle and classified ad) and Destiny Man magazine.

As a teenager, growing up when the Cold War and spies were all the rage in books and film, James Bond was the epitome of cool. I wanted to be like him. Very soon, someone will be given the opportunity to pretend, at least for a couple of days.


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