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For those of you who love ‘old school’ hip hop and came up in the early years, how often do you ask yourself, whatever happened to ….? A group whose music I enjoyed in the early nineties was Fu-Schickens, especially Chip Fu, who had a delivery/flow that was unique to him. I’ve always wondered where he was until early 2012 when I came across him on Twitter. It was a big deal for me when he tweeted me and I have kept up with what he’s been up to since. Sometime over the last two years, he re-invented himself as Jungle Rock Jr and delved into reggae and ragga. You can imaging my delight in discovering that he is still involved in music.

Early in 2012, he put out the Stop Playing Vol. 1 – The Mixtape, which features artists like Del Tha Funkee Homosapien in the intro, Nas, Renee from Zhane, Phife and Heavy D. It’s very reggae-influenced and Chip-Fu does give flashes of his trademark flow. The Nas remix of Where Are They Now is brilliant in how it features people like Rob Base, Father MC, Jungle Brothers, Lords of the Underground, etc over their seminal tracks, all mixed as one track.

Mid-year he released Stop Playing Vol. 2 – The Mixtape. This is all the lead up to the release of his album War Paint, which will actually be his first solo album. It is slated for sometime early 2013. If you are looking for nostalgia, both mixtapes do provide a hint of this but they are more about his evolution and where he is today.

Download Links:

Stop Playing Mixtape Vol. 1 <- click

Stop Playing Mixtape Vol. 2 <- click


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