Crack The Skyfall Case with Heineken

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What was your first James Bond experience? Do you remember the first time you were part of the build up and excitement? There was a time when it used to reach a feverish pitch, at a time when the world was less connected and those of us on the African continent would only get access months later.

Somehow, James Bond was that guy. And today, 52 years, 6 Bonds (Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig) and 23 films later, there is still a certain charm and excitement attached to a James Bond film – even with the explosion of iconic, heroic characters over the last 10-plus years.

While, like many, I’ve seen all the Bond films, going back over them over the duration of a lifetime, the Bond I had the strongest relationship with was Roger Moore.  His first film was Live And Let Die a year after I was born but, when I did see it, I always remember how voodoo featured prominently in the film. And I was always a big Yaphet Kotto fan, who played the main villian.

The first Bond film I distinctly remember the build up to was Moore’s last one, A View To A Kill, which also starred Grace Jones, who fascinated me, as a teenager. The Duran Duran theme song was played repeatedly on my little tape deck in my room as well.

Since Roger Moore, I’ve been alright about the various actors who have played Bond – except Timothy Dalton. I do think Pierce Brosnan was a good fit while Daniel Craig has given the character a certain edge that he previously didn’t have.

It has been a while since I’ve been excited about a Bond film though but I am getting into the swing of things, particularly with Heineken’s Crack The Case global campaign is currently running. I received my case last week which contained a Crack The Case notebook, key ring and the special Skyfall Heineken.

At the heart of the campaign is a competition, which was launched in South Africa on November 1st, in which the winner of the competition will receive a R1 million worth James Bond Experience in London. With three of their friends, the winner will test drive speed boat, shop for suits and indulge in other activities associated with the James Bond lifestyle.


The competition runs till end of December and, to win, you’ll have to seek out secret codes around the country and complete various missions through the Heineken Mission HQ on Facebook (<- click) or via SMS. Heineken has a 15 year, 6 film relationship with the Bond franchise and is maximising that association in the lead up to the release of Skyfall in South Africa on November 30th. Bond actress, Bérénice Marlohe, will be attending the official Skyfall premiere in South Africa on November 22nd.

So check out the Facebook Mission HQ and get on it. Secret Codes have also been placed in certain issues of various magazines including my ‘home’ Destiny Man. Don’t lie. All of us have wanted to live the James Bond lifestyle at least for a little while … without the being-shot-at bits.


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