This post is, simply, a shameless plug for an experience that does not require a plug, namely The DESTINY Forum which is taking place on July 23rd. One of the joys of working for a magazine is the opportunity to interact with interesting and influential people in various sectors of South Africa. We are privileged enough to gain insights into what happens behind the scenes and share this with the people who engage with our writing. Ours is to share inspiring, insightful and entertaining information around women – DESTINY – and men – DESTINY Man – who are on their way to achieving their dreams and goals.

In addition to the print mags and our respective websites, we also host various events which allows us the opportunity to interact directly with the people who ensure that we have jobs and put them in direct contact with some of the people we get to interview. Over the last two years, that I have been with DESTINY Man, I have had the opportunity to build relationships with many of the people who support the mag at some of these events.

As part of this drive to provide greater access to insight, the DESTINY Forum was conceived. The speakers for the first ever instalment are:

Absolutely looking forward to the experience. Should you wish to check it out – DESTINY Forum


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