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by | Jul 8, 2012 | Random | 2 comments

The whole blogging thing is a minefield. I often question whether what I add to ether is adding value or simply adding to the incessant noise. I started my first one around 2005 and focused on the happenings in the poetry scene, which I was very involved with then. I shared random thoughts and did book, CD and DVD reviews. My next one was a poetry blog where I attempted to post a poem a day – usually of my unedited work that I wrote during my writing sessions. Since then, I’ve blogged on MySpace and WordPress before finally settling on this blog as my central engagement point with the world – well, kind of, considering I also have a blog on the Destiny Man website as well as relatively new ones on Tumblr – Evolutionary Lite is the mini version of my main blog where I post mainly pics around the same topics) and One Day, When I Grow Up which is a concept blog I have started.

So! With all of these platforms, in addition to every social media (and other) platform that I participate in, one of my greater challenges has always been how each one fits into the bigger picture (yes, there is one). And what to blog about. The beauty of my work – and the relationships I have built over the last couple of years – is that I get access to a variety of information, content, etc. Managing this content and deciding not only what to blog, but also where to blog, can be confusing. I’m never sure whether what I am sharing is what the few of you who follow this blog would be interested in. For that reason, and others, I’d like to try something, particularly taking into consideration how often one sees these twitterviews (twitter interviews & ask so-and-so hashtags).

Here goes. For my 10 subscribers and the additional occasional visitors, I would like to know what you would like me to blog about. I am working on the premise that there are at least a couple of people interested in my random ramblings and would like something more specific so … be specific. I do, however, reserve the right to not write on something if I feel I do not have much value to add. This is an experiment so how it works will be seen … the proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Leave your topic as a comment or email me on kojobaffoe (at) gmail (dot) com. It could be an album, a thought, an experience. I receive a lot of press releases on stuff like games, it could be those. I often review gadgets and stuff – some of which are featured on DESTINY Man – but it could be those as well.

I will endeavour to share more, write more, engage more and be more relevant.

Let’s see how this goes. Where the road leads us.


  1. @onenkuli

    Hi Kojo, huge fan of your work. I would like your take on the following, Music, latest music that is, I know you a fan of hiphop so your take on the new breed of artist(Kendrick lamar, Asap Rocky, J.cole etc) and subject would be interesting, maybe even review their music. I’m a gadget geek also so any blogs about new gadgets, company strategies(RIM going down), and app reviews would be cool as well. On the more serious side blogs about Life skills, business, mentorship, personal grow would be great. i’m a 25 year old still trying to find myself right now i’m taking in as much info/knowledge as i can.

  2. Kojo Baffoe

    Thanks Nkuli, helluva a list but I will try create posts that speak to a lot of what you have mentioned.

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