Dirty Loops Do Bieber & Gaga

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This is one of those wonderfully random things one would probably never ever hear of if it wasn’t for the interwebs. Amidst the noise, some things still do get heard, reaching beyond their traditional borders into the ‘everywhere else’. A friend of mine put me onto the Dirty Loops. Made up of three Swedish musicians, who all eventually came together at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, they have been building a name for themselves with Youtube videos of their various jam sessions in studio.

The group consists of:

  • Jonah – versatile, he sings, plays the piano and writes, arranges and produces music.
  • Henrik – started with piano, he moved to bass at 13 and has been a session bass player since the age of 16
  • Aaron – a drummer from a musical family, he’s also being playing since his early teens

The two videos I discovered that I reckon are the future are Dirty Loops’ version of Justin Bieber’s Baby and Lady Gaga’s Just Dance. Heard them performed this way gives a whole different perspective on the actual songs, regardless of what one thinks of the two artists. Dirty Loops have also covered Britney Spears and Rihanna.

Justin Bieber – Baby


Lady Gaga – Just Dance




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