Foo Fighters Garage Tour Documentary

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Foo Fighters tour the garages of their biggest fans –

Like love, the effect / impact of music (and musicians) on the hearts and lives of those of us who love it is impossible to translate into mere words. It is a feeling that transcends reality. Music takes you places … good and bad.

Foo Fighters, led by Dave Grohl, is one of those bands that have built a near cultish following around the world. Earlier this year, they ran a competition for fans to win a free concert in the comfort of their own garage. They played 8 garages around the US for the winners and 50 of their friends.

The one fan has watched them perform 29 times, has anything and everything they’ve released and had the chance to even play with them. In addition to the release of their latest album Wasting Light, they have put up a 40-minute documentary of the garage tour. Check it out.


Also recently released last month on iTunes, DVD and Blu-ray is Back and Forth, a full-length documentary on the Foo Fighters’ 16-year career, directed by Academy Award-winner James Moll.

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  1. Muk

    Unbelievable..if this had to happen to me…

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