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In Johannesburg, next week, is an event that is momentous and will go down as one of those life-defining moments. Public Enemy will be performing at the Alex Theatre in Braamfontein on December 3rd & 4th. They will be in Cape Town on the 7th and 8th of December. The Public Enemy South Africa tour is being organised by Showtime Management, 206 Productions and Keep Music Live, in association with Kaya FM, MTV Base and Good Hope FM and features Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Professor Griff and the Security of the First World.

Public Enemy, in particular Chuck D, has contributed much to my intellectual development as a human being from the time I first heard Yo! Bum Rush The Show. It is my intention to be front and centre at the Public Enemy concert and will be putting up a post on what that experience was like. In the mean time, I have been fortunate enough to get 5 copies of PE’s Apocalypse 91 … The Enemy Strikes Black to giveaway.


To enter, answer the following question by leaving a comment on this post:

Who is the leader of Public Enemy?

Please note:

  • This competition is only open to residents of South Africa. We can only send the CD to a South Africa address.
  • The competition will close at midnight, SA time, on Thursday, December 2nd, 2010.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed.
  • The winner will be randomly picked out of a hat by my 3 year old son



  1. getthofairy

    It is a sad day when people cannot appreciate the beauty and truth of real Hip Hop.

    Chuck D started and to this day is the driving force behind Public Enemy. I too will be front and centre reliving those moments spent rhyming along to their tracks in my bedroom and vowing to “fight the power”

    I am proud so say that my 11 year old recently discovered Public Enemy because I still rock their music daily. #thatisall

  2. Chilu Lemba

    Ans: Chuck D
    Had an original cassette tape of Yo Bum Rush and damaged it because I was curious to hear what Flav was saying on the bit that was masked backwards on the track Mega Blast. I flipped the cassette tape ribbon. My favorite track (I think) and the first I ever heard by the group – Don’t Believe The Hype. I’ll be at the show!

  3. Napo

    Carlton Douglas Ridenhour aka Chuck D leads the gang!

  4. Thandeka Mtshali

    Answer is: Chuck D

    I hope the Prince picks my name.

  5. Youngblood

    I was just a young’un when Public Enemy first hit the hip hop scene in the 80’s but I vividly remember my older brother playing their music. They are still relevant to this day with their politically and socially conscious rap music, as a lover of Hip Hop and Poetry now, I wish I was around in those days to experience what I consider to be true hip hop. I hope all South African hip hop fans/ and music lovers go out and see Public Enemy.

    The leader of Public Enemy :Carlton Douglas Ridenhour aka Chuck D

  6. Angisiwe Mafumana

    Chuck D 😀

  7. Ongopotse

    Answer: CHuck D

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