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I love my football. Always have. Always will. And, for as long as I can remember loving the game, I have supported certain football teams. Liverpool FC is one of them. While I’m sitting on the other side of the world, not many a weekend goes by without me watching my team play.

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Over the last two years, the club has descended into a dark hole, primarily because of the ownership and actions of two American businessmen, Tom Hicks and George Gillett. There has been a supporter campaign – led by Spirit of Shankly Supporters’ Union – running over the last couple of months to try and push for the two to sell and leave the club, which they have saddled with debt. In the next few weeks, we will, hopefully, see the back of Hicks and Gillett with the sale of the club to new owners.

Not Welcome

The poster and protest campaign has been taking place worldwide in different forms and I just had to share this video, created by Mike Jeffries, a Hollywood director and Liverpool fan, titled Dear Mr Hicks, which is part of the campaign to drive the Yanks out.


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  1. Molete Mathaba

    I am not a Liverpool supporter, but am well aware of their history (from the Kenny Daglish & Kevin Keagan years through to the Ian Rush, John Barnes era) and place within English football. I’m a bit skeptical about the club being in American hands yet again, especially those of one who owns a baseball as opposed to a football team. Hopefully things will turn around for the club.

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