Nothing But The Truth (7)

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John KaniEvery generation feels this. Their time made sense. The one that has followed doesn’t. As a boy, growing up, I had idols. Role models. Heroes. Examples of what I felt were positive, responsible men. I looked to them for guidance, whether first-hand or from afar.

I look around me today and am both encouraged and frightened by what I see. Who do boys and young men have as their examples. Is my generation doing enough? Are my peers being enough? Am I doing and being enough? Sometimes, I can comfortably answer in the affirmative. Most times I hang my head in shame and promise myself I will do better.

Each of us, individually, is a drop in the ocean. Collectively, we can be so much more. In City Press’ lifestyle supplement &, I look at the impact of a man like John Kani on my life … [more]

John Kani explores Ubuntu


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