Get Off Your High Horse (7)

by | Jul 19, 2010 | Lifestyle | 1 comment

Samsung-LE52M87BD-LCD-TVWe are all capable of much and often wear many hats. To view another as merely a doctor or a lawyer or a singer, with all the stereotypes that come with those, is to do the individual a gross injustice. We create these boxes and then spend much time trying to ensure that all within the ‘group’ stay within those boxes. Being someone involved on the fringes of the arts, having come from a more business background, I always struggled to stay focused on my motives and my plan and make sense of the poet in me…. [City Press]

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  1. Linda Simelane

    Its amazing how we all want to belong. We sacrifise our happiness & live life according to what society approves “Right or Wrong”. *Entertaining is something I do for a living,its not WHO I AM. Id like to think that I’m pretty normal. I mean, I laugh,I get mad, I hurt, i think life sucks sometimes but when Im in the spotlight,everything seems good. Sometimes I feel like I have it worst because I always have to keep my guard up. I dont know who to to trust, I dont know who wants to date me for who I am or who wants to be my friend for who I really am. Who am I living for…*

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